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The DArk Matter Particle Explorer mission
Chang, J.; Ambrosi, G.; An, Q.; Asfandiyarov, R.; Azzarello, P.; Bernardini, P.; Bertucci, B.; Cai, M.S.; Caragiulo, M.; Chen, D.Y.; Chen, H.F.; Chen, J.L.; Chen, W.; Cui, M.Y.; Cui, T.S.; D'Amone, A.; De Benedittis, A.; De Mitri, I.; Di Santo, M.; Dong, J.N.; Dong, T.K.; Dong, Y.F.; Dong, Z.X.; Donvito, G.; Droz, D.; Duan, K.K.; Duan, J.L.; Duranti, M.; D'Urso, D.; Fan, R.R.; Fan, Y.Z.; Fang, F.; Feng, C.Q.; Feng, L.; Fusco, P.; Gallo, V.; Gan, F.J.; Gan, W.Q.; Gao, M.; Gao, S.S.; Gargano, F.; Gong, K.; Gong, Y.Z.; Guo, J.H.; Hu, Y.M.; Huang, G.S.; Huang, Y.Y.; Ionica, M.; Jiang, D.; Jiang, W.; Jin, X.; Kong, J.; Lei, S.J.; Li, S.; Li, X.; Li, W.L.; Li, Y.; Liang, Y.F.; Liang, Y.M.; Liao, N.H.; Liu, Q.Z.; Liu, H.; Liu, J.; Liu, S.B.; Liu, Q.Z.; Liu, W.Q.; Liu, Y.; Loparco, F.; Lü, J.; Ma, M.; Ma, P.X.; Ma, S.Y.; Ma, T.; Ma, X.Q.; Ma, X.Y.; Marsella, G.; Mazziotta, M.N.; Mo, D.; Miao, T.T.; Niu, X.Y.; Pohl, M.; Peng, X.Y.; Peng, W.X.; Qiao, R.; Rao, J.N.; Salinas, M.M.; Shang, G.Z.; Shen, W.H.; Shen, Z.Q.; Shen, Z.T.; Song, J.X.; Su, H.; Su, M.; Sun, Z.Y.; Surdo, A.; Teng, X.J.; Tian, X.B.; Tykhonov, A.; Vagelli, V.; Vitillo, S.; Wang, C.; Wang, Chi; Wang, H.; Wang, H.Y.; Wang, J.Z.; Wang, L.G.; Wang, Q.; Wang, S.; Wang, X.H.; Wang, X.L.; Wang, Y.F.; Wang, Y.P.; Wang, Y.Z.; Wen, S.C.; Wang, Z.M.; Wei, D.M.; Wei, J.J.; Wei, Y.F.; Wu, D.; Wu, J.; Wu, S.S.; Wu, X.; Xi, K.; Xia, Z.Q.; Xin, Y.L.; Xu, H.T.; Xu, Z.L.; Xu, Z.Z.; Xue, G.F.; Yang, H.B.; Yang, J.; Yang, P.; Yang, Y.Q.; Yang, Z.L.; Yao, H.J.; Yu, Y.H.; Yuan, Q.; Yue, C.; Zang, J.J.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, D.L.; Zhang, F.; Zhang, J.B.; Zhang, J.Y.; Zhang, J.Z.; Zhang, L.; Zhang, P.F.; Zhang, S.X.; Zhang, W.Z.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Y.J.; Zhang, Y.Q.; Zhang, Y.L.; Zhang, Y.P.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, Z.Y.; Zhao, H.; Zhao, H.Y.; Zhao, X.F.; Zhou, C.Y.; Zhou, Y.; Zhu, X.; Zhu, Y.; Zimmer, S.; Chang, J. (chang@pmo.ac.cn)
发表期刊Astroparticle Physics
摘要The DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE), one of the four scientific space science missions within the framework of the Strategic Pioneer Program on Space Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a general purpose high energy cosmic-ray and gamma-ray observatory, which was successfully launched on December 17th, 2015 from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. The DAMPE scientific objectives include the study of galactic cosmic rays up to ∼ 10 TeV and hundreds of TeV for electrons/gammas and nuclei respectively, and the search for dark matter signatures in their spectra. In this paper we illustrate the layout of the DAMPE instrument, and discuss the results of beam tests and calibrations performed on ground. Finally we present the expected performance in space and give an overview of the mission key scientific goals. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.
收录类别SCI ; EI
通讯作者Chang, J. (chang@pmo.ac.cn)
GB/T 7714
Chang, J.,Ambrosi, G.,An, Q.,et al. The DArk Matter Particle Explorer mission[J]. Astroparticle Physics,2017,95:6-24.
APA Chang, J..,Ambrosi, G..,An, Q..,Asfandiyarov, R..,Azzarello, P..,...&Chang, J. .(2017).The DArk Matter Particle Explorer mission.Astroparticle Physics,95,6-24.
MLA Chang, J.,et al."The DArk Matter Particle Explorer mission".Astroparticle Physics 95(2017):6-24.
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