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The on-orbit calibration of DArk Matter Particle Explorer
Ambrosi, G.2; An, Q.3; Asfandiyarov, R.4; Azzarello, P.4; Bernardini, P.5,6; Cai, M.S.1; Caragiulo, M.7; Chang, J.1,8,9; Chen, D.Y.1,8; Chen, H.F.3; Chen, J.L.10; Chen, W.1,9; Cui, M.Y.1; Cui, T.S.11; Dai, H.T.3; D'Amone, A.5,6; De Benedittis, A.5,6; De Mitri, I.5,6,12,17; Ding, M.9,10; Di Santo, M.5,6; Dong, J.N.3; Dong, T.K.1; Dong, Y.F.13; Dong, Z.X.11; Droz, D.4; Duan, K.K.1,9; Duan, J.L.10; D'Urso, D.2,18; Fan, R.R.13; Fan, Y.Z.1,8,9; Fang, F.10; Feng, C.Q.3; Feng, L.1; Fusco, P.7,14; Gallo, V.4; Gan, F.J.3; Gao, M.13; Gao, S.S.3; Gargano, F.7; Garrappa, S.2,15; Gong, K.13; Gong, Y.Z.1; Guo, J.H.1; Hu, Y.M.1; Huang, G.S.3; Huang, Y.Y.1; Ionica, M.2; Jiang, D.3; Jiang, W.1,8; Jin, X.3; Kong, J.10; Lei, S.J.1; Li, S.1; Li, X.1; Li, W.L.11; Li, Y.10; Liang, Y.F.1; Liang, Y.M.11; Liao, N.H.1; Liu, C.M.3; Liu, H.1; Liu, J.10; Liu, S.B.3; Liu, W.Q.10; Liu, Y.1; Loparco, F.7,14; Ma, M.11; Ma, P.X.1,8; Ma, S.Y.3; Ma, T.1; Ma, X.Q.11; Ma, X.Y.11; Marsella, G.5,6; Mazziotta, M.N.7; Mo, D.10; Niu, X.Y.10; Pan, X.1,8; Peng, X.Y.1; Peng, W.X.13; Qiao, R.13; Rao, J.N.11; Salinas, M.M.4; Shang, G.Z.11; Shen, W.H.11; Shen, Z.Q.1,9; Shen, Z.T.3; Song, J.X.11; Su, H.10; Su, M.1,16; Sun, Z.Y.10; Surdo, A.6; Teng, X.J.11; Tian, X.B.11; Tykhonov, A.4; Vitillo, S.4; Wang, C.3; Wang, H.11; Wang, H.Y.9,13; Wang, J.Z.10; Wang, L.G.11; Wang, Q.3; Wang, S.1,9; Wang, X.H.10; Wang, X.L.3; Wang, Y.F.3; Wang, Y.P.1; Wang, Y.Z.1,9; Wang, Z.M.12,17; Wen, S.C.3; Wei, D.M.1,8; Wei, J.J.1; Wei, Y.F.3; Wu, D.10; Wu, J.1,8; Wu, L.B.3; Wu, S.S.11; Wu, X.4; Xi, K.10; Xia, Z.Q.1,8; Xin, Y.L.1; Xu, H.T.11; Xu, Z.H.1,8; Xu, Z.L.1; Xu, Z.Z.1; Xue, G.F.11; Yang, H.B.10; Yang, P.10; Yang, Y.Q.10; Yang, Z.L.10; Yao, H.J.10; Yu, Y.H.10; Yuan, Q.1,8; Yue, C.1; Zang, J.J.1; Zhang, D.L.3; Zhang, F.13; Zhang, J.B.3; Zhang, J.Y.13; Zhang, J.Z.10; Zhang, L.1,9; Zhang, P.F.1; Zhang, S.X.10; Zhang, W.Z.11; Zhang, Y.1,9; Zhang, Y.J.10; Zhang, Y.Q.1,9; Zhang, Y.L.3; Zhang, Y.P.10; Zhang, Z.1; Zhang, Z.Y.3; Zhao, H.13; Zhao, H.Y.10; Zhao, X.F.11; Zhou, C.Y.11; Zhou, Y.10; Zhu, X.3; Zhu, Y.11; Zimmer, S.4
发表期刊Astroparticle Physics

The DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE), a satellite-based cosmic ray and gamma-ray detector, was launched on December 17, 2015, and began its on-orbit operation on December 24, 2015. In this work we document the on-orbit calibration procedures used by DAMPE and report the calibration results of the Plastic Scintillator strip Detector (PSD), the Silicon-Tungsten tracKer-converter (STK), the BGO imaging calorimeter (BGO), and the Neutron Detector (NUD). The results are obtained using Galactic cosmic rays, bright known GeV gamma-ray sources, and charge injection into the front-end electronics of each sub-detector. The determination of the boundary of the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA), the measurement of the live time, and the alignments of the detectors are also introduced. The calibration results demonstrate the stability of the detectors in almost two years of the on-orbit operation. © 2018

收录类别SCI ; EI
作者单位1.Key Laboratory of Dark Matter and Space Astronomy, Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing;210034, China;
2.Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare Sezione di Perugia, Perugia;I-06123, Italy;
3.State Key Laboratory of Particle Detection and Electronics, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei;230026, China;
4.Department of Nuclear and Particle Physics, University of Geneva, CH-1211, Switzerland;
5.Dipartimento di Matematica e Fisica “E. De Giorgi”, Università del Salento, Lecce;I-73100, Italy;
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16.Department of Physics, The University of Hongkong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong;
17.Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN), Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, L'Aquila;I-67100, Italy;
18.Università di Sassari, Dipartimento di Chimica e Farmacia, Sassari;I-07100, Italy
GB/T 7714
Ambrosi, G.,An, Q.,Asfandiyarov, R.,et al. The on-orbit calibration of DArk Matter Particle Explorer[J]. Astroparticle Physics,2019,106:18-34.
APA Ambrosi, G..,An, Q..,Asfandiyarov, R..,Azzarello, P..,Bernardini, P..,...&Zimmer, S..(2019).The on-orbit calibration of DArk Matter Particle Explorer.Astroparticle Physics,106,18-34.
MLA Ambrosi, G.,et al."The on-orbit calibration of DArk Matter Particle Explorer".Astroparticle Physics 106(2019):18-34.
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