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An overview of the scientific objectives and technical configuration of the NeUtral Atom Detector Unit (NUADU) for the Chinese Double Star Mission 会议论文
Planetary and space science, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC, 2005
Authors:  McKenna-Lawlor, S.;  Balaz, J.;  Strharsky, I.;  Barabash, S.;  Johnsson, K.;  Zhenxing, L.;  Li, L.;  Jin-Bin, C.;  Chao, S.;  Zong, Q.;  Roelof, E. C.;  Brandt, P. C.;  Kudela, K.;  Fu, S.;  Dandouras, I.
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Energetic Neutral Atoms  Double Star Mission  Ring Current