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水基切伦科夫探测器光衰减特性动态量系统的研制 学位论文
, 水基切伦科夫探测器光衰减特性动态量系统的研制: 中国科学院研究生院, 2012
Authors:  高上起
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宇宙线  大型高海拔空气簇射观测站宇宙线  水衰减系数  大型高海拔空气簇射观测站水切伦科夫探测器阵列  朗勃比尔定律  
High accuracy temperature control research on charge stable colloidal crystals 会议论文
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Sydney, Australia, December 16, 2009 - December 18, 2009
Authors:  Gao, Shangqi;  Yang, Hao;  Sun, Zhibin;  Jiang, Yuanda;  Zhai, Guangjie;  Li, Ming
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High accuracy temperature control system for charged colloidal crystals 会议论文
2012 International Conference on Systems and Informatics, ICSAI 2012, Yantai, China, May 19, 2012 - May 20, 2012
Authors:  Zhen, Huang;  Gao, Shangqi;  Yang, Hao;  Sun, Zhibin;  Jiang, Yuanda;  Zhai, Guangjie;  Li, Ming;  Zhen, H.
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