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Study of the Modified Gaussian Model on olivine diagnostic spectral features and its applications in space weathering experiments 期刊论文
RESEARCH IN ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS, 2020, 卷号: 20, 期号: 8, 页码: 129
Authors:  Han, Hui-Jie;  Lu, Xiao-Ping;  Yang, Ya-Zhou;  Zhang, Hao;  Mutelo, Admire Muchimamui
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techniques  spectroscopic  instrumentation  spectrographs  methods  statistical  minor planets  asteroids  general  REFLECTANCE SPECTRA  ASTEROIDS  PYROXENE  ABSORPTION  METEORITE  MINERALS  IRON  DIFFERENTIATION  IDENTIFICATION  DECONVOLUTION  
综合孔径辐射计的分布式高速数采设计 期刊论文
遥感技术与应用, 2020, 卷号: 35, 期号: 3, 页码: 656-663; AR:1004-0323(2020)35:3<656:ZHKJFS>2.0.TX;2-4
Authors:  毛戌宁;  陆浩;  刘浩
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综合孔径辐射计  分布式  高速光纤链路  同步采集  Synthetic aperture radiometer  Distributed  High-speed optical fiber link  Synchronous sampling  
全极化微波辐射计中数字相关器的误差分析 期刊论文
遥感技术与应用, 2019, 卷号: 34, 期号: 1, 页码: 101-106
Authors:  黄邑遷;  王振占;  陆浩
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全极化微波辐射计  数字相关器  8 bit量化误差  
Enabling technologies for high performance microwave and MM wave interferometrie radiometers 会议论文
2019 URSI Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference, AP-RASC 2019, New Delhi, India, March 9, 2019 - March 15, 2019
Authors:  Liu, Hao;  Niu, Lijie;  Chen, Wei;  Lu, Hao;  Zhang, Cheng;  Wu, Ji
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Phase Synchronization Method for Millimeter Wave Radiometer Digital Correlator 会议论文
Proceedings of 2019 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Electronic Information and Communication Technology, ICEICT 2019, Harbin, China, January 20, 2019 - January 22, 2019
Authors:  Hu, Wenqing;  Sun, Lin;  Liu, Hao;  Lu, Hao;  Guo, Xi;  Wu, Qiongzhi
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A Design of High Speed and Broadband Hyperspectral Microwave Receiver Subsystem for Sounding Atmosphere 会议论文
Authors:  Luo, Yangjin;  Zhang, Shengwei;  Lu, Hao
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Data processing and experimental performance of GIMS-II (Geostationary Interferometric Microwave Sounder-Second Generation) demonstrator 会议论文
15th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment, MicroRad 2018 - Proceedings, Cambridge, MA, United states, March 27, 2018 - March 30, 2018
Authors:  Guo, Xi;  Liu, Hao;  Niu, Lijie;  Zhang, Cheng;  Lu, Hao;  Huo, Changxing;  Wang, Te;  Wu, Ji
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C波段有源微波冷噪声源设计及其性能分析 期刊论文
电子学报, 2018, 卷号: 46, 期号: 11, 页码: 2797-2802
Authors:  董帅;  王振占;  李彬;  陆浩;  贺秋瑞
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有源微波冷噪声源  辐射计  定标  HEMT  
Reformation of rippled quasi-parallel shocks: 2-D hybrid simulations 期刊论文
JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SPACE PHYSICS, 2017, 卷号: 122, 期号: 6, 页码: 6385-6396
Authors:  Hao, Yufei;  Gao, Xinliang;  Lu, Quanming;  Huang, Can;  Wang, Rongsheng;  Wang, Shui;  Lu, QM (reprint author), Univ Sci & Technol China, Dept Geophys & Planetary Sci, CAS Key Lab Geospace Environm, Hefei, Peoples R China.;  Lu, QM (reprint author), Collaborat Innovat Ctr Astronaut Sci & Technol, Harbin, Peoples R China.
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Quasi-parallel Shocks  Hybrid Simulation  Ripples  Reformation  
A compact passive microwave calibration target for full-polarized radiometer 会议论文
Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium, Singapore, Singapore, November 19, 2017 - November 22, 2017
Authors:  Wang, Zhenzhan;  Liu, Jingyi;  Li, Bin;  Lu, Hao;  Li, Jiaoyang
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